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Victorinox Swiss Army My 1st Victorinox Stainless Steel Kids Pocket Knife

Posted by Ken

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Victorinox Swiss Army My 1st VictorinoxVictorinox understands that instilling safe knife practices at an early age will equal future customers down the road. The philosophy is: get 'em early, make sure they don't kill themselves, and you've taught another generation of knife lovers the value of a Swiss Army knife.

I remember my first Victorinox. I was six years old and I found a Classic, one of the miniature Swiss Army models, which my father had recently been given as a promotional gift. I spent the afternoon in the backyard, tossing the tiny drop point blade into a cardboard box until I accidentally let the blade close on my pinkie. It sounds lame when you look how puny a Classic is, but I chopped right through the flesh to the bone. This anecdote is meant to portray the dangerous mix of small children and unsupervised knife use.

With the My 1st Victorinox, you can give a child the responsibility of a knife, teaching them that it is not a toy but a tool, and not have to worry too much that they will stab themselves or someone else. As well as a rounded blade for safer use, this My 1st Victorinox comes with a combination cap lifter, can opener, wire stripper, and screwdriver tool. Tweezers and a toothpick are also included, along with a key chain attachment.

Note: This knife is not accident proof. The stainless steel blade's edge is still sharp. And this is not a locking blade, so my story is absolutely possible with this knife. But, would you rather give your young kid a pointed knife, or a rounded one to ease the way into regular knife use? I know what my choice would be. If you have ever seen a group of cub scouts on a camping trip, you know that kids - while generally eager and good-natured - often do crazy and unexpected things for no reason.

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