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Victorinox Swiss Army Parachutist Lockblade Pocket Knife Review

Posted by Ken

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Victorinox Swiss Army ParachutistUsually with Swiss Army Knives you get excellent quality, multiple functions, and somewhere among them a stainless steel knife blade that's missing something. The Parachutist corrects some of that with a blade that's stouter than most in this line of pocket tool kits, and going one step farther, includes a locking feature for the main blade.

For quick work on things like rope or belt webbing, the Parachutist has a second serrated blade, less dramatic than the American styles of toothed edges but still effective. In a closed package length of 4 3/8" you get eleven usable tools designed into a half dozen folding blades plus two or three other options that you might not even notice unless you read the manual. That large a handle gives a good grip and a useful amount of leverage, so this qualifies as more than a gentleman's knife or an office tool kit. It's a high quality pocket knife for field use.

Victorinox offers such a wide range of complex products that it's easy to confuse the different knives and features. A very similar knife, the Swiss Army Trekker, is the same size and price but includes one-handed opening for the main blade (thumb loop style) and trades the serrated blade for a wood saw.

Make sure the knife you get is the knife you want. In case of error, Victorinox's lifetime product warranty has you covered.

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