Cleopatra Sword | Ancient Egyptian Replica Dagger | Gold Finish With Scabbard

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Cleopatra Sword An ornately decorated sword such as this could only serve as a replica for one of the most recognizable names in women’s history, even history itself for that matter. This is a dagger honoring the memory of Cleopatra VII, Pharaoh of Egypt and Queen of the Nile during 69-30 B.C. Many historians and scribes portray her as one of the most beautiful women of that time, wooing such powerful rulers as Julius Caesar and Marc Antony. She met her tragic end through the toxins of an asp bite, but no slithering beast could harm the renown of one of ancient history’s leading ladies.

The dagger is manufactured by Denix, a name commonly associated with historical replica swords. It measures 13.5 inches in overall length, with a blade measuring 8.5 inches.

The blade is appropriately curved in a snakelike design to symbolize the infamous asp that brought Cleopatra to her tragic death. It’s made from polished metal and comes to a fairly sharp point at the tip. But since it’s a Denix blade, it is cast in a metal alloy that cannot be sharpened. This of course is good news if you’re just planning on using it for display purposes.

Both the gold-colored handle and scabbard are embossed with exquisite attention to detail in terms of accurately representing Egyptian culture. A scarab beetle rests atop a winged sun disc guard while the statue of Cleopatra stands triumphantly over the guard. The scabbard features hieroglyphics in the shape of papyrus leaves among many other designs as well.

If you like your replica blades commemorative, beautiful, and historically accurate, then this dagger of Cleopatra is a very suitable choice.

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