Masonic Templar Knight Sword | Medieval Crusader Replica | Renaissance Display Blade

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Masonic Templar Knight Sword If one of the Templar Knights of old, the fanatical religious warriors from the founding days of the Masonic Order, saw this sword, he’d laugh.

Replica swords have to look good to be worthwhile, even if all you want to do with them is hang them on a wall. Stainless steel blades are fine for that, and probably the blade of this sword is its finest feature. That doesn’t prevent it from looking bad. Pressed brass fittings just don’t say quality. A good replica will look like a useful weapon–pressed brass does not help create that look. The cheap fittings on this item will probably fall off in shipment.

Compare this sword to another Masonic replica in a higher price range (even double is still pretty cheap) before buying. There are good looking swords out there that are much truer to form.

Dimensions are the only aspects of this Knights Templar replica that come close to being right. The overall length of 33 3/4″ is close enough for theater, so long as the scene doesn’t involve pulling it out of the polished stainless steel scabbard. The only thing I can recommend this toy for is a purely decorative cheap stage prop.

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