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Victorinox Swiss Army Stainless Steel Solo Pocket Knife, Alox Handle

Posted by Ken

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Victorinox Swiss Army Stainless SteelOne single stainless steel blade. You may think this is a rare defect of Swiss precision craftsmanship - surely they forgot to attach the small blade and the can opener and the multi-purpose hook. Where's the toothpick and tweezers? No saw, no reamer, no scissors nor pliers nor screwdrivers. Just one single stainless steel blade in a slim 3.5-inch knurled silver aluminum alloy handle.

Introducing the Victorinox Swiss Army Solo: for those who love Swiss Army knives, but hate all the extra weight of accessory tools. It's back to basics, and you can't get more basic than this. And, who, after all, is using their orange peeler on a day to day basis? Who is getting the most out of their chisel implement? Why carry all those extras around, when the blade is the only tool you ever use?

Victorinox understands the aesthetic of a pocket knife like the Solo, and has forgone the classic Swiss Army red - sort of "outdoorsy" - for the more sophisticated, yet durable, alox handle. The look is classy, yet transcends a snobbish, urban attitude.

This lightweight pocket knife comes, like all other Victorinox knives, with a lifetime warranty.

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