Victorninox Swiss Army CyberTool 41 | Computer Multi-Tool Pocket Knife Kit

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Victorniox Swiss Army CyberTool 41 The multi-tool of the future is going to be focused more and more on technological repairs. Mending fences and tinkering with an old engine are becoming, in a word, passé. This is just another sign of our drastically changing times. For many people who carry a multi-tool, computer/electronic repairs have become the most pressing demand.

Victorinox understands this. Their line of Swiss Army CyberTools is focused on tech-friendly repairs. The stainless steel implements include over 40 specific uses, and many more that can be improvised on the spot. To name all the tools available would exhaust all the space I have in this review, so check out the link below to get exact specs in term of Bit Hexes and Bit Pozidriv and Bit Torx. I can tell you that one of the great things about this CyberTool 41 is that many of the tools are just as handy for every day use. The large blade and small blade will come be popular for various cutting tasks. The corkscrew and cap lifter will be helpful for the after-repair celebration. The can opener and wood saw and reamer would help on a camping trip.

There are, however, a couple things to consider before hailing this CyberTool as the savior for tech-savvy folks the world over. For one, the tools are not electrically insulated, which may cause a problem if electrocution is not something you’re into. For two, the pliers, which work great, don’t necessarily work as well as an actual set of pliers, or even the pliers on a Leatherman. But, I promise the acid-resistant handle of the Victorinox is much more ergonomic for the screwdrivers, and other implements, than on a Leatherman, so something else to consider. If 41 is just too many tools for you, there is also the CyberTool 29, 34, and Lite (which has an LED). Good luck techies.

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