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Wenger EvoGrip Swiss Army Knife

Pocket Tool Review

Posted by Ken

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Wenger EvoGrip Swiss Army Knife For those who like the idea of a Swiss Army key chain combined with the ergonomic grips of an SOG multitool, here's a pocketknife by Wenger that should fit the bill.

Wenger, in addition to Victorinox, is one of only two officially-licensed producers of Swiss Army Knives. Vic gets all the attention, but Wenger keeps plugging along.

This is actually the Wenger EvoGrip 18, not EvoGrip 16 as stated in some product descriptions. The difference is all in the number of included tools. The 16 only has ten tools, while the 18 has eleven tools.

We feel the EvoGrip 18's biggest assets are threefold: its ergonomic, rubber handle (of course), its patented locking screwdriver, and its 2.4-inch serrated scissors that are designed to sharpen themselves.

Other handy accessories on the 18 include: a 2.5-inch plain edge knife, 2.75-inch double-cut saw, cap lifter, bottle/can opener, nail file/cleaner, awl, reamer, Phillips screwdriver, toothpick, tweezers, and a key ring on the end of the handle.

When closed, the tool measures 3.5 inches. Plus it also comes with a limited lifetime warranty. That means it'll be comfortable to use, convenient to carry, and equally secure to keep.

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