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Wenger Giant Swiss Army Pocket Knife 16999

Collectible Guinness World Record Everything Pocketknife

Posted by JT Hats

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Wenger Giant Swiss Army Pocket KnifeWenger of Switzerland holds the current Guinness World Record for the Most Multifunctional Penknife, and the Wenger 16999 is the reason why. With 85 tools and a total of 141 functions, the Wenger 16999 includes nearly every option ever offered by either Wenger or its sister company, Victorinox. Obviously it's a multi-tool for collectors, but it's not entirely for show.

Some of the massive knife's blades are actually detachable tools with multiple bits suitable for an appropriately wide range of tasks. Those usable tools include a removable screwdriver bit holder with three Phillips and three flat bits, an Allen wrench with Phillips head tip, a removable bicycle spoke adjuster, and of course the familiar permanent toothpick and tiny tweezers. If you're looking for practical reasons to buy this beast, regrettably you won't find them -- but if you're a collector of knives, you can be fairly sure you own the only one on your block even if you live in Manhattan.

Everything in this knife is made with the same care as the knives Wenger produces in a practical size, using the same high carbon stainless steel for tools and cutting blades and the same durable steel liners. Some of the blades even include lockbacks. You'll find very unusual tools in the crowd as well -- among them a fine watch spring bar fork and a self-centering gun-sight screwdriver, as well as laser pointer, shortix laboratory key, and compass. The most practical accessory may actually be the black plush-lined gift box which comes with the knife. The box looks good enough to grace any desk or display shelf and has enough space to hold the knife with all blades open.

At two pounds and eleven ounces, the Wenger Giant Knife is too big and too heavy for anyone's pocket. Fortunately, one of the blades is a carabiner clip, so you can still hang this baby on your belt. Now, where's that toothpick...

See the Swiss Army Champ for Victorinox's entry in the race for the Most Multifunctional Penknife World Record.

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