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Havalon Piranta-Z Hunting Knife for Skinning & Caping

Zytel Grip Handle w/ 12 Interchangeable Blades

Posted by JT Hats

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Havalon Piranta-Z Hunting Knife forWith a handle sized for a better grip and an even lighter build than the original pocket-sized Piranta, the Piranta-Z comes closer to the hunting and skinning knife design we find familiar. You'll find all the unique features that made the Piranta popular, but in a knife that's a little bit better than before.

The original Piranta seemed a little small for field-dressing deer, and even though many of us could butcher a whitetail with a pocket knife, we probably wouldn't make that our first choice of tools. With the Havalon Piranta-Z, you'll get a razor-sharp 2-3/4-inch high carbon stainless steel knife blade mounted on a rugged Zytel and stainless steel handle frame. With an open length of 7-3/4 inches and another inch of handle grip compared to the Piranta, the Piranta-Z feels like it can handle a larger task. Trading stainless steel handle components for military Zytel allowed the upgrade without adding weight, and the result is a skinning and caping knife that weighs under three ounces.

Havalon designs knives intended for slicing, not prying or gouging. The first design worked well enough, but the Piranta-Z's grip works better in large hands and cold wet conditions. Rubberized inserts in the grip add comfort and enough friction for a solid hold. The great advantage of the Piranta-Z is the ease with which the blade switches out. As with the Piranta, slip off the old blade and slip on a new one in seconds for a fresh cutting edge without the burden of a whetstone. The purchase includes twelve spare blades.

The Piranta-Z offers a strong frame lock, easy one-handed opening with a steel thumb tab, and a stainless steel pocket clip. Add a lanyard for a little extra security in use.

If you like the concept of endless fresh cutting edges and you prefer fishing, try the Havalon Baracuta.

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