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Havalon Piranta Pro Original Skinning Knife

Surgical Stainless Steel Locking One Handed Blade

Posted by JT Hats

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Havalon Piranta Pro Original SkinningThe Original Piranta Pro Skinning Knife from Havalon Knives offers outdoorsmen the quick blade changes and razor-sharp edges preferred by surgeons. Carry extra blades instead of a whetstone, and you'll save weight.

Designed for skinning and caping large and small game animals, the 6-3/4-inch open-length Piranta Pro starts with a strong stainless steel frame grip inlaid with G-10 panels for a secure hold in all conditions. The tacky surface of G-10 won't slip if wet and doesn't change character when the weather gets cold. A strong frame lock keeps the blade open unless released, and a steel tab at the base of the blade shank allows one-handed opening.

What's different about the Piranta is the 2-3/4-inch disposable high carbon stainless steel blade -- not just one, but the original and a dozen extra. A slot in the blade corresponds to a keyed slide on the shank. Just lift the base of the blade and slide it forward to remove an old blade, and slip a new one on in seconds. It works well even with cold hands. The thin blades come already razor sharp and last well enough to field dress a deer on just one blade. Using the Piranta does take an adjustment in technique, because the highly tempered blades snap if twisted or levered while cutting. Like a surgeon, you'll need to slice instead of gouge, but the Piranta's blade cuts through heavy hide, meat, and ligaments without forcing. If it's hard work and requires a lot of pressure, that's a sign you need to switch out the blade.

The Piranta includes a stainless steel pocket clip and a slot for a lanyard loop, but you'll need to stash the extra blades separately. Blades come in individual sealed pouches but with no case.

See the Piranta-Z for the next stage in Havalon's hunting knife series.

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