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Godfred Sword by Hanwei

Danish Viking King Replica Damascus Steel Blade w/ Leather Scabbard

Posted by JT Hats

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Godfred Sword by Hanwei King Godfred of the Danes ruled the Frisian Coast of Europe in 800 A.D., wielding the sword that inspired this reproduction by CAS Hanwei. The Godfred Sword from CAS Hanwei could be better than the original.

The Hanwei version uses folded steel to form the blade through a process unknown in Godfred's day. In this modern version of Damascus steel, the hot billet folds over itself repeatedly until enough forged layers form that the steel reaches maximum strength. Thirty-four-and-3/4 inches long overall, the sword's 28-3/4-inch, double-edged blade holds a deep central fuller which lightens the weapon without weakening the steel. Total weight of the Godfred Sword is 2 lbs. 7 oz.

The woven leather grip overlays a hardwood core surrounding the strong steel tang. Damascus pommel and bladeguard also match the original Viking design. A scabbard of hardwood covered with leather accompanies this weapon. Bronzed fittings complete the scabbard, which fits to the belt with simple leather straps and hooks.

Built for one-handed use, the sword meets or exceeds the quality of the actual weapons of King Godfred's time. Forged at one of two Hanwei foundries in China, this Godfred sword was created by advanced modern processes and skilled hand labor. Improvements in technology and better materials allow CAS Hanwei to produce weapons of genuine combat grade with the look of the ancient swords and the higher quality of modern high carbon steel.

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