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Bleach Rangiku Matsumoto Zanpakuto Sword

Anime Wooden Katana Replica Accessory

Posted by JT Hats

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Bleach Rangiku Matsumoto ZanpakutoPerfect as a costume accessory at an anime convention, this entirely wooden sword in the style of Rangiku Matsumoto's Haineko blade avoids the complications of real steel in modern public places. Keep the genuine blades at home.

This all-wood reproduction measures 39-1/2 inches overall and sports a silver-painted wooden blade 27 inches long. A wooden blade this thin is fragile, but this sword was intended to be decorative only. Very light in weight, the blade is over-balanced by the ten-inch wooden handle. Even pommel and blade guard are wooden pieces, while some other fittings are merely symbolized by paint. The wooden scabbard is functional and a good fit for the blade, but problems could definitely arise if this decorative sword is stored in a humid location. Wood swells and shifts, so storing blade and scabbard separately might be a great idea.

Nylon cord sageo on scabbard and woven nylon ito on the wooden hand grip give the sword a look comparable to the magical Haineko or Ash Cat sword of Rangiku Matsumoto, the buxom lieutenant of the 10th Division Soul Reapers. Rangiku is known for using her unusually good looks as often as her zanpakuto, distracting her male opponents with her loosely tied robes and ample cleavage. Her sword's blade guard symbolizes a cat's head, and when activated, the magical blade dissolves into what appears to be harmless ash. The magical ash blocks strikes as a shield would, and if the ash lands on an opponent, a flick of the sword's disconnected grip slashes the flesh of Rangiku's enemy.

See the Jushiro Ukitake Sougyo No Kotowari for another Bleach zanpakuto replica in steel.

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