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Woodman’s Pal Premium Plus Machete

Includes Sheath, Honing Stone

Posted by Ken

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Woodman's Pal Premium Plus Machete This machete from Woodman's Pal is intended to be a multipurpose tool, replacing several tools you might be inclined to carry.

It's billed as a do-it-all machete, axe, pruning shears, saw, chainsaw and bowie knife. Though it's probably best to assume it will do a good job as a machete job and just a decent job replacing those other tools.

The machete is American made, from American materials, in Pennsylvania since 1941.

This machete also comes with a Cordura sheath to protect the blade as well as to protect you!

It also includes a honing stone to help keep the blade in top shape.

With its all purpose abilities for use this machete is great for the all around maintenance and upkeep of your yard or for landscaping purposes of cutting and chopping of brush.

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