GH2033 – Hibben 12 in. Competition Triple Thrower Set | Includes Sheath

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GH2033 - Hibben 12 in. CompetitionThis set of three throwing knives from Hibben was designed by Gil Hibben, renowned knife-maker, thrower and author of the Hibben Knife Throwing Guide

Each knife is made from a single piece 420 stainless steel and measures 12 1/8″ overall in length.

They have an ergonomically designed handle to maximize grip for throwing, as well as to help the hand naturally grip the knife in the proper fashion for maximum accuracy and consistency in throwing.

The three knife set comes sheathed together in a single sheath.

These attractive knives are a good choice for anyone looking for a competition throwing knife. Beginners may way to purchase a copy of Hibben’s book as well!

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