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Zelda Twilight Princess Sword

Stainless Steel Video Game Replica

Posted by Ken

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Zelda Twilight Princess Sword The Legend Of Zelda video game series is a front runner in the genre of RPGs (role paying games) and adventure games by Nintendo. As the main character Link, you traverse unknown lands and rescue damsels in distress while wielding swords such as these to fight off your enemies. This particular sword comes from Nintendo's latest in the series, The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess, available for the Nintendo Wii.

Really, though, Zelda's Master Sword appears in just about every single one of the games. So a true fan will be able to appreciate this no matter which Zelda game is their favorite to play.

Link's Master Sword measures 41.5 inches in overall length. The stainless steel blade measures 31 inches, extending in a partial tang into the 11-inch handle.

The handle and sword are made from wood, and are decorated in true Hyrule fashion. The guard is molded from cold cast poly resin in order to best represent the most recognizable feature of this Zelda sword.

There are two different versions of this same sword floating around out there. This one here is the higher-quality version with a metal blade. Other versions only have a wooden replica blade, and they're not durable in the least.

Also, this is a display sword, not sharpened or forged for battle-ready use. But since you can usually find it for a great deal, you might want to consider how fitting it would look displayed in your game room or as part of your next cosplay set.

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