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American Angler Electric Fishing Knife, Serrated

Freshwater Fillet 110 Volt

Posted by JT Hats

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American Angler Electric Fishing Knife,The American Angler Freshwater 110 Volt electric fillet knife will require a power outlet and some caution, and will work out much better if you bring the catch back to the house for cleaning. Set up in the backyard where the mess won't make a difference. The eight-inch blade is a little stiff for a fillet knife, but the action is fast. When the inexpensive stainless steel serrated blade loses its edge, just switch it out for a new one.

Reciprocating blade action combines with the serrated cutting edge to zip through any fish large enough to fillet, including large pan fish. The American Angler company describes this model as having a powerful motor and an advanced transmission and cooling system. That seems like a lot for an electric fillet knife with only a one-year limited warranty, and you may not notice that it works any differently than other brands with the same general design.

The fillet knife does include a grease shield and safety lock trigger operation. If you do a lot of cutting with the knife, vibration might be an issue, and you don't have the option of shifting hand position on the knife to ease the fatigue. It's easier on the motor and the operator if you take that remark about advanced cooling with a grain of salt and use the knife intermittently, slicing a while and then resting. Steady sawing shouldn't be necessary and isn't good for the machine. Overheating problems usually mean you're expecting too much.

Cleanup, as with other electric fillet knives, can be a problem. Always unplug the knife before doing what you can to clean the nasty bits out of the crevices. To avoid blades that don't want to release when it's time to replace the cutting end of the machine, take the blade out of the knife before storing it away. Pay special attention to cleaning the knife socket.

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