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Henckels Miyabi Santoku 5000S

Three Virtues Knife 7 Inch w/ Dyurakon Handle

Posted by JT Hats

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Henckels Miyabi Santoku 5000S The Miyabi 5000 series -- including the 5000S Three Virtues Santoku with 7-inch blade -- uses the same high carbon stainless steel as the J.A. Henckels Twin knives. Japanese craftsmen produce and finish these fine knives in Seki, Japan, where Japanese techniques are applied to meet strict German production standards.

The Miyabi product line developed from the partnership between Zwilling J.A. Henckels and famous Iron Chef Rokusaburo Michiba of Japan. In the Miyabi 5000 series, you'll find the most economical of the Miyabi knives. Hardened to 57 on the Rockwell scale, the blades remain flexible but hard enough to hold the finer style of Japanese edge. The 11.2-ounce Three Virtues Santoku measures 15 inches in overall length. Although the 5000S santoku is commonly advertised as having the traditional asymmetrical edge, the Miyabi website describes this knife as double-beveled. In this knife, you'll actually find quality resembling that of knives produced in Germany. Some improvements go beyond changes in appearance -- the knife cuts noticeably better than heavier German santoku blades.

Forged bolster and end cap secure a conical handle of Dyurakon resin. This material provides a non-slip grip when wet and is dishwasher safe. Both blade and handle clean easily and shouldn't be subjected to the rough treatment of a dishwashing machine. A quick hand wash with mild detergent prevents food from staining the steel. Always wipe the blade dry before storage.

See the Henckels Twin Select Santoku for an older version of the Three Virtues knife made in Germany.

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