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Hanzo Ninja Survival Master Functional Katana

Handmade Full Tang Sword w/ Dart Blowgun

Posted by JT Hats

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Hanzo Ninja Survival Master FunctionalHanzo Steel refers to this good cutting blade as the Ninja Survival Master Katana. Not as refined as more expensive versions, the fully functional Hanzo Steel Ninja Katana includes some interesting survival perks more costly swords do not.

Forged and tempered to survive cutting practice, this sword really is good enough to use even though the 1095 high carbon spring steel blade isn't edge tempered as the best combat-quality swords should be. The blade slashes easily through tatami targets if honed razor sharp. The non-reflective black blade gives the sword an impressive look as well as practical camouflage. Both sword grip (or tsuka) and the hardwood scabbard have a tactical-style black finish, with lacquer for the scabbard coating and black cloth ito wrapping over the double-pegged grip. Forty-one inches long overall, the sword's blade offers a full 28 inches of cutting edge with a tanto-style piercing point.

Some of the perks are only decoration. Three interchangeable black iron tsubas slip on and off the scabbard with some difficulty and only have the look of shurikens or ninja stars. Unsharpened and untempered, the tsubas aren't practical even for throwing practice. What makes this sword interesting as a survival weapon is the snorkel tube snapped to fittings on the scabbard. Twelve blowgun darts and a cotton carrying bag included with the sword convert the snorkel to an efficient blowgun. As a simple tube it serves as a breathing reed for escape and evasion practice. Just under thirty inches long, the blowgun/snorkel is a little too short for the best accuracy and power, but in a pinch an expert could down a squirrel with it. Better practice first, or twelve darts won't be enough.

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