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Bark River Huntsman Deluxe Knife

Full Tang Survival Blade

Posted by Ken

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Bark River Huntsman Deluxe Knife Known for producing simple but quality knife designs whose beauty derives from perfect function, Bark River's deluxe line goes a step beyond the essentials. The Deluxe Huntsman with polished nickel silver finger guard and curly maple handle slabs combines the good look of engineering with the good look of traditional builds.

A shorter version of the full sized hunting knife, the 7" full tang length holds 3.25" of cutting edge, ground from thick .187" tool steel. It's built stout for the prying chores you always encounter in camp, as well as for levering apart joints in bigger game. The flat back of the blade will stand up to a mallet blow for driving through gristle and bone, and offers safe leverage area for your thumb when you're pushing the blade through wood. The full tang construction gives the Huntsman twisting strength all the way to the end of the handle--something no folding knife will ever do.

The curly maple handle slabs are one of the most beautiful and functional American woods for this purpose, with a tight and wavy grain that won't split. If you use this knife long enough to wear the handle down past the polish, it gets even better. Soft wood wears away and hard grain stays put, giving it a natural gripping texture as good as any produced by a machinist. With some knives, the blade might wear out first; this one is built to last.

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