Bark River KnivesBark River Knife and Tool has gained a reputation for making some of the best semi-production knives available for purchase today. Serious knife enthusiasts swear by them for their craftsmanship, longevity and high-end components. They’re not inexpensive but, when you consider the work and materials used, they are very impressive knives.


Bark River makes only fixed-blade knives with high-end materials. Most blades are typically made of A-2 tool steel or 12C27 steel, and are hardened to 59-60 on the Rockwell C scale. Many models feature convex ground edges. These factors combine to make Bark River knives very sharp and very durable.

Handles are Micarta or Stag Bone. Bark River offers many different handle styles, many of which give their knives a unique, custom-made look.

Bark River Knives

Bark River models are broken down into seven series, though there’s a fair amount of overlap. The series are best described as follows:

  • The Deluxe Game Series: Includes the Huntsman and Gameskeeper. Intended for hunting, this series is intended for field dressing and other hunting tasks.
  • The Professional Series: Includes the Fox River and Woodland Special. These knives are versatile, all-purpose outdoor knives intended for hunting and general bushcraft use.
  • The Canadian Guide Series: Includes the Canadian, Mini-Canadian and Mikro-Canadian. These are all-purpose camp and trail knives intended for general field work and camping tasks.
  • The Fur, Fin and Fowl Series: Includes the Snowy River and the scout. These are compact and lightweight, all-purpose knives intended for hiking, camping and canoeing tasks.
  • The Skinning and Caping Series: Includes the Wolf River and Upland Special. Designed for precise detail work, such as butchering and food preparation.
  • The Bushcraft Series: Includes the Aurora, the North Star and the Golok. Designed for survival and wilderness tasks, these are designed for heavy-duty chores such as carving, splitting or batoning wood.
  • The Search and Rescue Series: Includes the Sandstorm, the Slither and the Bravo 1. Another set of survival/wilderness knives, these knives are also for use in tactical and search team scenarios.

Bark River Knife & Tool

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