Benchmade Mini Presidio Folding Knife | Combo or Plain Edge | Black Blade Folder

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Benchmade Mini Presidio Folding Knife This sleek folding version of Benchmade’s popular Presidio knife is smaller than the fixed-blade model but gets the job done.

It features a 3 inch blade made of 154CM steel. 154CM is a bit of a wildcard these days. It used to be considered a premium steel. Others have now caught up or surpassed it in terms of quality. But it still is considered a high-quality, hard steel that can hold a sharp edge.

Still, Benchmade is known for producing great knives with quality materials and this knife is no exception.

Options include a combo blade or a plain blade. The can be coated with a non-reflective black coating or not.

You’ll be glad that the locking mechanism is not optional. It uses Benchmade’s patented ambidextrous AXIS system, which is getting quite a good reputation lately.

The handle is grooved aluminum, for a secure grip in either hand and in various weather conditions.

The knife measures just over seven inches when extended, just over four inches when closed. Included is a pocket clip.

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