Sword of Fire | Valermos from Swords of the Ancients Series

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Sword of Fire From Kit Rae Fantasy Art comes the sixth installment in the Swords Of the Ancients Series. It’s the Sword Of Fire, called Valermos.

This sword encapsulates gothic beauty. Interpretation is left up to the collector’s imagination. This includes the mysterious ancient runes that cover the top half of the false-edged blade.

It’s also a strong sword, since it’s made of 420 J2 stainless steel. The black handle envelops the blade in rat-tail tang construction, and is made from solid metal with a black antique iron finish.

And this blade isn’t just for sword collectors. Fantasy/comic enthusiasts should find a lot to appreciate as well, since the set comes with an 18 x 24.5-inch print of “Battle At the Tower,” plus a new chapter in The Tale Of the Swords Of the Ancients.

There’s a lot of valuable craftsmanship and artwork to respect here. If you love fantasy fiction, you won’t be disappointed. Especially since it’s a good deal too.

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