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Black & Decker Electric Hand Saw, Metal & Wood Cutting

Reciprocating PHS550B

Posted by JT Hats

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Black & Decker Electric Hand Saw, MetalIn spite of some issues with the interchangeable blade system for the Black & Decker PHS550B electric handsaw, this machine fills an important gap between chainsaw and handsaw and many people find it indispensable. The short stroke of the reciprocating handsaw style blade cuts through even 4x4 stock quickly and accurately. Switch the blade out for the metal cutting blade if you need to work on something harder.

That is the real problem with the Black & Decker PHS550B -- switching blades is a tricky process requiring precise alignment of holes and screws, and some tricks the owner's manual doesn't teach. Keep it clean and be prepared to solve this puzzle patiently. The locking mechanism breaks if owners try to fix the issue by force.

Even with this awkward feature, the Black & Decker electric handsaw is a tool many do love. Much safer to operate and simpler to use than either a circular saw or a chainsaw, this homeowner's machine will do much of the same work as the heavier tools. Move the saw back and forth as the blade cuts to prevent sawdust from clogging the teeth -- the machine prunes tree limbs and makes accurate cuts in posts and lumber. The electric handsaw fits applications where a manual handsaw would not go, and doesn't require the level of skill that a carpenter's handsaw demands. The Powered Handsaw is obviously useful for those unable or unwilling to use a more powerful machine, but even experts will find it a valuable backup tool.

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