Black Octagon Sai | Weapon Set

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Traditionally, sai weaponry in Okinawa was made with rounded batons. Only in later years did the style become updated to include octagonal shapes as well.

It’s unclear whether sais were first designed as weapons or as agricultural tools. Either way, today they’re surely weapons. You don’t have to have seen Jennifer Garner wield them in Daredevil to know that.

This is an octagonal pair of sai, forged in solid black steel. Brass-colored metal accents the knuckles and the fittings.

The steel handle is wrapped with genuine black leather, and allows for a solid, non-slip grip.

And the price is what we’d expect to see from an undecorated, basic set of steel sai. They’re nothing flashy, but they’ll look just fine and work functionally enough for your practice matches. And for the record, they are sold as a pair.

The sai are available in two different lengths: 18 inches and 20 inches. Be sure you know which length you need before you order!

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