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Black Ultimate Ninja Sword from Pachi Paradise

Fantasy Martial Arts Tanto w/ Throwing Stars, Shuriken, Caltrops

Posted by JT Hats

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Black Ultimate Ninja Sword from PachiWhether you're about to storm a castle or run from a band of armed samurai, you'll be well equipped with the Ultimate Ninja Sword from Pachi Paradise. Of course, it's a fantasy mission and largely a fantasy weapon assortment as well, but it's good enough for fun.

The 43-inch-long, display-quality sword comes with a black wooden sheath and a straight, tanto point, single-edged blade of high carbon stainless steel. The sword is not tempered for heavy work although it's certainly enough blade to be dangerous. Sharpening is up to the owner -- edge holding ability will be marginal.

Apart from that, the sword forms the foundation of a weapons set simple enough to actually work. Nothing here should be considered a toy, even though the set doesn't meet combat weapon standards. The hilt of the sword disguises squared ninja throwing stars and a spiked palm claw separates from the sheath, which also holds several spike-style shuriken. A few handy caltrops are also included, and they'll be great for slowing down those pesky castle guards as you fade into the wilderness with the treasure.

This fantasy weapons set is lightly built and would survive on a display shelf much longer than on a camping trip, but it's still an intriguing set of tools for fans of ninja movies and for gamers who crave a genuine loot drop now and then.

An alternate assortment of castle-storming ninja weapons is available as the Ninja Warrior Sword with shuriken (stars and spikes) plus hidden surprises.

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