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Ninja Twin Swords, Black Magnetic Blades by General Edge

Full Tang Sword Set, Double Edged High Carbon Stainless Steel

Posted by JT Hats

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Ninja Twin Swords, Black MagneticEvery ninja weapon needs secrets and tricks, and you'll find them both in this twin Ninja Fighting Sword set from General Edge. When you need two blades, they're here -- when you need one, there's a surprising option.

Both swords are made from bars of high carbon stainless steel, painted black for added stealth. The double-edged blades do not come sharp. Though the triple slots in the blades lighten the load on the ninja who carries them, they seem to be more decoration than function. Strength of the blades is reduced even more by the cord-cutting serrations at the base of each blade. When testing your new ninja blades, don't use them for twisting or prying.

The full tang handles are certainly strong enough, and are built with a half moon cross section -- a single hardwood piece fixed to each tang and covered with a fabric grip. Face the flats of the blades together, and the pair slip neatly into a single nylon sheath for behind-the-back carry.

The secret of the twin blades is that the tangs are magnetized, and the fit is close enough that the two swords bond together. In theory, they could be swung as one heavy blade. In practice, the 23-1/2-inch ninja swords might present awkward problems. As with other fanciful weapon sets, the application is more in the virtual world than in this one.

For an even better fantasy ninja sword in a single blade style, see the Ninja Secret Agent Machete.

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