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Blade Movie Replica Fantasy Sword

Bloodbath Glaive | United Cutlery

Posted by JT Hats

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Blade Movie Replica Fantasy Sword This licensed replica of the vampire killer Blade's deadly Bloodbath Glaive rests securely on a boldly decorated metal stand, suitable for desktop, shelf or wall display. The United Cutlery version of the double-ended throwing knife used by Wesley Snipes in the Blade movie -- and by Kirk Jones in the Blade tv series -- is well sculpted with wide double beveled hook blades and sharp saw teeth. The edges are not razor sharp, and the points of the knives are too slender to be very durable in use. The 420C high carbon stainless steel used for this weapon is display quality and vulnerable to nicks and other damage if actually thrown.

Most than just a showpiece, this double bladed glaive actually folds, as did the blade in the movie Blade II. Five-and-a-half inches across when closed, the two knives lock into place on the central hub for a final open length of ten inches. Pressing a release button on the back of the hub unlocks the glaive and allows careful folding of the knives.

Based only marginally on actual throwing knives, this glaive design isn't a practical throwing weapon. Awkward to hold and awkward to throw, there's a good chance of self injury even with the unsharpened display version. Real multi-blade throwing knives often included a throwing handle, and this glaive is heavy enough that it needs one. As a display piece it's certainly well made, and a replica weapon that actually does what the movie version does -- in this case, fold -- is unusual.

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