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Ninja Warrior Sword w/ Shuriken Throwing Stars

8 Piece Martial Arts Weapon Set

Posted by JT Hats

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Ninja Warrior Sword w/ ShurikenThe eight piece Ninja Warrior Sword from United Cutlery makes an interesting display piece even though the nondescript black cord wrapped handle and black scabbard aren't designed to attract attention. Though this compact weapons set isn't combat quality steel, it's good enough to be both functional and entertaining.

The 23-inch sword blade of 420C high carbon stainless steel shouldn't be used for slicing targets -- the temper and the quality of the steel aren't high enough for rough use. Applied against anything substantial, the blade could bend or the edge could turn. Shorter weapons in the set are more practically useful. Two 8-1/2-inch tanto blades fit the top of the sheath alongside the sword hilt, and although the blades are crudely ground, they can certainly be improved with a whetstone. The fist load or battle weapon hidden in a pocket of the sheath doesn't need to be fancy to be effective. Both knives and fistload could become shuriken or thrown weapons. Each requires a different throwing technique and lots of practice. Expect some damage to the blades and points if you learn.

A throwing knife fits to the point of the scabbard, turning this into a crude spear, and the hilt of the sword itself disguises two four-pointed throwing stars. Altogether, the ninja weapons set matches movie versions of ninja combat assortments better than it matches the real tools of the trade. If you're willing to risk some minor damage to the pieces, this eight-piece set provides several types of shuriken good enough for practice, as well as a fascinating but decorative sword.

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