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Blue Samurai Sword Katana Set of 3 by Trademark Global

Engraved Kanji Blade w/ Display Stand

Posted by JT Hats

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Blue Samurai Sword Katana Set of 3 byThe three-piece Samurai sword set with blue scabbards from Trademark Global will be well-received by the newest generation of sword enthusiasts, who grew up on the flashy weapons from their favorite video games. The Blue Samurai Set is an enjoyable blend of color and traditional styling.

Much of the construction detail has a pleasantly authentic appearance -- that would include the engraved kanji on the blade of the 39-1/2-inch katana, the largest display weapon in the set. Blades of all three swords are high carbon stainless steel, but shaped and polished rather than ground and honed razor-sharp. Temper quality is low, and the blades shouldn't be used for cutting or striking practice.

The full tang blades fit traditionally styled wooden handles wrapped with material that resembles the authentic builds. Wrappings were usually ray skin with a grip -- or ito -- woven from natural cord. The materials substituted here are less-expensive synthetics with a similar look and feel. Other components of cast metal also follow the old patterns but with less strength than in practical weapons.

The set is still an excellent choice for a sword fancier with imagination. The set of three traditional weapons of the virtual samurai warrior -- katana, wakizashi, and tanto -- comes with a simple black wood display stand for display on desktop or dresser.

For another display set which will appeal to younger (as well as older) collectors, see the Black Dragon Ninja Sword Set.

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