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Trademark Global Dragon Sword Set of 3 w/ Stand

Katana, Wakizashi & Tanto, Engraved Scabbard

Posted by JT Hats

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Trademark Global Dragon Sword Set of 3This three-sword set from Trademark Global embodies two grand old traditions -- the warrior code of the samurai and the art of the souvenir shop. While these high carbon stainless steel blades aren't meant for use, souvenir sets seem to get better all the time.

If you travel in the Orient, you either grow to love or to hate the tourist shops. Going there to get a good deal may be disappointing unless you haggle well, but you can count on finding amazingly good souvenir pieces like this three-blade collection. Made with a traditional look, you'll find the workmanship visibly acceptable but not durable. Materials aren't the traditional choices of real sword makers. This is nylon cord, stainless steel, and lacquered wood -- but all of acceptable quality.

Some of the details will impress you, and it's probable that much of the work which went into this set was the art of skilled craftsmen, not factory machines. Each wooden scabbard is engraved with an intricately detailed dragon, something to enjoy rather than criticize.

The set represents a respectable military tradition, displaying the three blades nearly every samurai carried. The 40-inch katana was the main battle blade -- but when a finishing stroke was necessary, the cautious warrior wouldn't risk digging his best sword into the ground and shifted to the one-hander, the 29-inch wakizashi. The 20-inch tanto was always available as a last-resort knife and a handy tool around camp.

The set comes with a black wooden display stand for the desktop.

For a display set of similar quality but with a more military look, see the Bushido Katana 3 Sword Set.

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