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Boker Fighting Knife Dagger, Full Tang w/ Micarta Handle

Schanz Integral Green

Posted by JT Hats

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Boker Fighting Knife Dagger, Full TangThis heavy fighting knife -- drop forged from one piece of high carbon 440C stainless steel -- has good balance, although the green canvas micarta handle doesn't do much for its looks. A full tang build including a heavy forged bolster and hand guard give the Schanz Integral Dagger plenty of strength but also plenty of weight -- 14 ounces for the 11-5/8-inch knife with black leather belt scabbard.

The seven-inch, double-edged dagger blade of the Schanz has the flat and sturdy grind of a good bayonet. With a blade thickness of a full 1/4 inch, it's a very rugged build good for stabbing things and should hold up well to heavy prying also. For everyday slicing and carving work, the edge would need some refinement. Since there's no flat spine for thumb leverage it won't double as a practical hunting knife, and the plain cutting edge is too thick to be an excellent skinner.

The Boker Schanz Integral Dagger has plenty of potential as a combat knife but does lack the non-reflective coating of most modern tactical blades. The Schanz is an easy knife to like and would be a welcome addition to many collections, but if you're trying to fit it to some ordinary practical purpose, it falls just a little short.

Forged in Taiwan to the specifications of Boker's engineers, the Schanz may wind up on more shelves than belts.

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