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Forschner Kitchen Utility Knife, Full Tang Plain Edge

Rosewood 4.75 or 6 Inch

Posted by JT Hats

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Forschner Kitchen Utility Knife, FullIf you like Forschner cutlery but prefer the natural beauty of rosewood to the company's black indestructible Fibrox, the Rosewood Utility knife offers users the same economy and quality with traditional styling. With only slightly more care, the rosewood-handled utility knife should survive kitchen duty just as well as the synthetic model.

Forscher's high carbon stainless steel, flat ground and plain edged, is laser cut from steel stock to avoid stresses and changes to the composition of the metal. The blade has high tensile strength and holds an edge well, but is more flexible than a similar blade in a forged pattern. The full tang of the knife holds the rosewood slabs securely with three stainless steel rivets, and the wood's rounded and smooth surface fits the hand comfortably.

Rosewood reacts much differently to kitchen conditions than a more common wood like black walnut. Where other hardwoods might roughen and splinter and warp, rosewood's dense and resinous nature remains stable and rivals many synthetics in terms of durability. Proper care should include hand washing and drying and an occasional rub with mineral oil, though the hard rosewood won't absorb much. Storage seems to affect my rosewood knives more than use, so I'd recommend a light oil rub before putting them away.

This six-inch utility blade comes in handy for many light chores in the kitchen, from boning cooked meat to light chopping and accurate slicing of sandwich ingredients. The knife is href="">also available in a 4.75-inch blade of the same quality.

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