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Boker Knives Damascus Steel

Japanese Folding Knife Collectible

Posted by Ken

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Boker Knives Damascus Steel This Damascus Masame Tsukuri is a very beautiful collector's piece from Boker Knives. The crafters used different styles of ancient sword making techniques and blended them into one knife, making it truly unique.

The blade is forged with an elite style of traditional Damascus craftsmanship called masame tsukuri. It's a Japanese term for causing the folds of Damascus steel to look like wood grains after the forging has been complete.

The 4.25-inch handle is equally rare and beautiful, because its core is made from specially selected root wood to give each one a distinct look. Polished stainless steel bolsters and fittings keep it secure, adding to the elite decorative flavor.

You may, however, notice that a couple of modern features have been added for convenience, like the assisted liner locking mechanism and the thumb hole in the blade for simple one-handed opening. Granted they're not something the ancient Japanese would have used, but they sure make things a lot easier.

So far, this Boker folding knife is one of the only knives on the market forged in the ancient Japanese masame tsukuri tradition. And Boker limited the release of this knife to only 999 pieces on top of that. That means it's quite a rare treasure, and anyone who's aware of that significance will be blissfully awestruck to have it in his or her display collection.

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