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Paul Chen Hanwei Danish Battle Axe

Medieval Weapon Review

Posted by Ken

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Paul Chen Hanwei Danish Battle Axe Medieval weaponry history tells us that the Danish axe surfaced somewhere between the reign of the Vikings and the Middle Ages. It's another example of a peaceful agricultural tool that evolved into a hunting weapon over time, much like the Japanese sickle or kama.

A traditional Danish axe can be identified by its lightweight frame, thinly forged blade, and pronounced blade tips. So it's no surprise that Paul Chen designed his Hanwei Danish War Axe in keeping with this original tradition, as is true with all of his weaponry creations.

It measures 40.75 inches in overall length with a 10-inch blade and 8.125-inch axe head. And for an axe close to three and a half feet long, it's fairly lightweight at 5.70 pounds.

The hand-forged blade is extremely sharp and polished for brilliant display. You should also know that the entire axe head is coated with a protective black finish too, in case you're expecting a silvery color on that axe head when it arrives.

This Danish War Axe is functional, but would still look nice as medieval decor if you needed it to. We'd expect nothing less from Hanwei, and we're glad they deliver time and time again.

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