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Bosch Table Saw w/ Stand

Rip Fence Worksite X 4100-09

Posted by JT Hats

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Bosch Table Saw w/ Stand There's no question that a table saw outperforms any portable circular saw, except in portability. If you work on site instead of in the shop, a machine like the Bosch Worksite Table Saw can save labor and increase profit. Portable table saws do compromise on important features, and the Bosch Worksite is no exception, but this machine makes up for that by packing in some useful perks.

The four-horsepower, fifteen-amp saw spins a ten-inch-diameter blade at 3650 rpm, with solid state circuitry to provide constant power under load. The 5/8-inch arbor accepts most blades, but thin kerf saw blades don't cut wide enough to clear the safety gear. Fit a dado head to the arbor and the Bosch cuts dadoes up to 13/16 inches wide. The 29 x 21.5-inch table of cast aluminum rivals a shop table saw in size, and the stand is built for easy transport. Setup and take-down is quick with the patented Gravity Rise system. Though the stand is solid for a portable, you'll notice that the machine isn't quite as steady as a shop model.

Other concessions to portability show up as lighter weight plastic fittings, strong enough for reliable use but not unbreakable. The Bosch does include safety features so convenient that owners will likely leave them in place and use them. One of these, an anti-kickback pawl, grips any plank that travels in the wrong direction and helps eliminate that major operating issue. Miter gauge and rip fence are helpful but flexible. Make sure everything's lined up and clamped down before use.

When you're ready to move, accessories like rip fence and push stick slip into a convenient travel compartment. The Bosch Worksite Table Saw carries a twelve-month warranty. For craftsmen who take good care of their machines, it's a good tool.

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