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Brunton Litetech Compact Binocular Set

Gerber Paraframe Folding Knife

Posted by Ken

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Brunton Litetech Compact Binocular SetFor spotting game or judging the results of a target shot, there's nothing quite so handy as a good pair of binoculars; and having a reliable knife at the ready makes good sense no matter what you do. In either case it's easy to buy something that doesn't live up to expectations.

The Brunton Litetech Binoculars have good features--this 10x 32mm mid-range compact offers adequate magnification at the cost of a reduced field of view, but that's not a bad trade. The anti-glare lens coating and form fitting eye cups both add to the quality of view from the Litetech, and the ergonomic and compact design contributes to comfortable use and easy carrying. The problem with low end binoculars from any manufacturer is alignment of the lenses. The lens tubes often don't match up accurately at any width setting, requiring constant adjustment and torquing. Although I know people whom this does not bother, for me it's a "no go" problem.

The Gerber Paraframe folding clip knife which comes in this set, with a strong stainless steel framed 4.125" handle and a 3" stainless steel clip point blade, also has some good features. A thumb stud allows one-handed opening, and when in locked position the knife is safe for piercing as well as cutting tasks. The frame construction is a little light for prying or twisting chores, though, and the stainless steel is heavier than counterpart knives with frames of high quality aluminum.

Although many will find each satisfactory, both these items show compromises in quality and performance.

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