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Trademark Global Bamboo Ninjutsu Cane Sword

Japanese Katana

Posted by Ken

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Trademark Global Bamboo Ninjutsu CaneThis bamboo cane sword, imported by Trademark Global, reproduces an old hidden weapon from Japan called the shikomizue. This particular type of weapon would have been a favorite of ninja agents skilled at concealment and disguise. Global's 41" bamboo stick sword, with a hidden 27 1/4" katana style blade of high carbon steel.

The approximate three pound weight of this weapon might make it a little heavy for a walking stick, but the simple character of the shikomizue does make an attractive piece for any collector. In use it is likely not the most durable of swords, since to keep that blade hidden there should be no pins locking the blade in the hilt. If you intend to take a practice swing, check it out carefully first. Bamboo can be brittle when it gets old, and glued or friction fits tend to loosen.

Most canes of this sort were considered to be temporary weapons, vulnerable to weather and prone to other weaknesses. Many traditional weapons of the ninja were created shortly before missions and not expected to see a lifetime of use. The use of a shikomizue may have been dependent more on surprise and speed than durability.

This economical reproduction shows the wavy pattern of a hamon, which on a traditional sword would have been the sign of an advanced edge tempering process. For this price, it's almost certainly only etched decoration, but it's a nice touch.

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