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Chinese King Yue Sword Goujian Replica

Double Edged w/ Brass Scabbard by Trademark

Posted by JT Hats

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Chinese King Yue Sword Goujian Replica Trademark's King of Yue Sword superficially resembles the famous Sword of Goujian but isn't accurate in details. Workmanship more closely resembles modern Chinese movie replica swords.

The 32-1/4-inch-long sword combines a one-piece blade guard, handle, and pommel of cast brass with a broad double-edged high carbon stainless steel blade. A central blood groove runs nearly the full length of the sword. Antiqued brass fittings on the sword's scabbard show more decorative symbols than the sword does. The overall appearance of the sword is good, but it isn't right for the Sword of Goujian.

The differences between this sword and the Sword of Goujian -- a Chinese national treasure -- are too obvious to ignore. The Sword of Goujian, thought to be the personal weapon of the King of Yue, was unearthed during an archaeological dig in China in 1965 along the banks of the Zhang River. The sword lay in a casket alongside a human skeleton and was sheathed nearly airtight in a black lacquered wooden scabbard. After two thousand years in the flooded tomb, the sword was still in excellent condition and actually cut the finger of the first person who touched its edge.

The blade of the original was bronze, not steel, and survived the years because of a unique alloy content that resisted corrosion while in the blade's airtight scabbard. An inscription on the blade could still be read and translated as "Belonging to King Goujian of Yue, made for his personal use."

None of those important details carry over into this modern replica sword, although in general, the Trademark King of Yue Sword does resemble other weapons from ancient China.

Trademark does make a bronze replica sword which is actually closer to the King of Yue pattern -- the Trademark Chinese Archaic Bronze Sword.

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