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Trademark Fantasy Ninja Sword, Red & Black

QVC Collectible Pakistani Katana w/ Scabbard & Harness

Posted by JT Hats

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Trademark Fantasy Ninja Sword, Red &Collectors take note: the Trademark Red/Black Ninja Sword could be a real sleeper. Few swords out there have a worse reputation, and that may contribute some genuine historical value.

Marketed originally as a ninja sword "that's a real weapon, not a toy," the ad campaign turned out to be ironically accurate. This 37-inch fantasy ninja sword of high carbon stainless steel with solid brass pommel and hilt really is dangerous and has caused injuries.

Made in Pakistan, the Trademark Ninja Sword is actually only souvenir-quality and barely that. Materials in the red and black woven grip and the matching scabbard and shoulder harness are synthetic -- even the scabbard itself is fiberboard instead of hardwood. As a display piece, this unusual Pakistani Ninja Katana could still be of real interest to the sword collector, since the blade already has an evil reputation.

During an infomercial presentation on QVC, a salesman promoting this sword tested it during his pitch by swinging the flat of the blade against a tabletop. The end of the blade snapped off and ricocheted back, striking him in the center of the chest with considerable force. The extent of his injuries aren't known, since he immediately left the show, but it's a good lesson for anyone who likes to play with cold steel.

Although it's not much of a sword, the Trademark Ninja blade might be a great conversation piece.

For a fantasy ninja sword with a good reputation, see the Ninja Secret Agent Machete.

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