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Clash Of The Titans Perseus Sword

Official Replica NECA Olympus Mythology

Posted by JT Hats

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Clash Of The Titans Perseus Sword If you're a fan of the hit 2010 movie Clash of the Titans, you'll appreciate the accurate details of this licensed replica of the Perseus Sword carried by Sam Worthington in his role as Perseus, a god reborn as human. Check out cheap knockoffs if you want, but there's a world of difference between imitations and this sword from NECA.

The National Entertainment Collectibles Association purchased the license to produce Clash of the Titans memorabilia, and does provide the best replicas available of the entire array of Perseus weapons. This all-metal sword captures details down to the slight pitting of the well-worn blade. Decorations are sparse but include hash mark codes on the grip and a more familiar trivalent symbol cast into the base of the blade. Similar symbols carry real meaning in the world of traditional martial arts.

The blade takes inspiration from genuine Bronze Age weaponry, rare today because of the tendency to disintegrate through centuries of disuse and neglect. Buried weapons only survive under unusual conditions, but some pieces which have been unearthed in good shape show a high level of craftsmanship. Bronze weapons weren't always primitive and did include unusual features like the strong central rib of this fantasy blade.

This sword was the blade Perseus preferred in the Clash of the Titans story, although when he did become involved in the war against the gods, he had to set this one aside in favor of a more godly weapon.

For another NECA replica piece from this movie, see the Perseus Sword from the Gods, Olympus's gift to their favorite warrior.

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