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Cold Steel Spike Hawk Axe

Tomahawk or Kama w/ Hickory Handle 90SH

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Cold Steel Spike Hawk Axe The Cold Steel Spike Tomahawk brings back an old frontier style that was more fighting tomahawk than camp axe. The spiked poll of the axe is obviously dangerous, so if you're going to use this one in the woods, be careful. The backswing gets a little hazardous.

In fact, even if you're just carrying this axe along a trail, you'll be safer with the leather sheath Cold Steel offers as an accessory. There are too many sharp edges on this hawk to allow simply tucking it into your belt. With a nine-inch-wide axe head, the hawk is plenty big enough for camp chores, and a 22-inch American hickory handle provides all the power you'll need for dividing up big game or doing some creative woodscraft.

In martial applications, the tomahawk performs somewhat like the Japanese kama or sickle but was built for use in America's hardwood forests, not the grain fields. Some of the techniques of the kama cross over neatly to the tomahawk -- both faces of this particular style can trap an attack or hook an opponent's limb. In the brush, though, you'll be much more likely to trap a tree limb on the backswing if you get overzealous. Check out both ends of the arc to be sure you keep control.

Cold Steel's Spike Tomahawk is drop-forged in Taiwan from high carbon tool steel. The hawk has been painted to prevent rust, but don't expect the coating to last long in use. Rub the axe lightly with machine oil to prevent corrosion.

See the SOG Fusion Tactical Tomahawk for an advanced version of a combat tomahawk used in Vietnam.

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