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Cold Steel Frontier Tomahawk, Outdoor Survival Tool

Camp Hawk Axe, Protective Coated w/ Hickory Handle 90F

Posted by JT Hats

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Cold Steel Frontier Tomahawk, OutdoorEven though it looks too simple, the round eye of this very basic frontier axe makes it one of the best choices in camp axes. Unless you insist on driving tent stakes with the hammer poll of a tomahawk there's seldom need for more than a good chopping edge.

In many genuine tomahawks which did survive the work of the American frontier, you'll see that this style got through intact while many of the fancier versions were retired after polls broke. Pipe axes were especially vulnerable to that sort of damage. The round eye of this type eliminated most of those breakage problems and allowed owners to easily fit new handles on the spot. A fire-hardened tree limb tapered to fit the tomahawk's eye was quick, cheap, and almost as good as seasoned split stock.

The Cold Steel Tomahawk provides today's campers with a 5-1/2-inch-long axehead and a cutting edge 3-1/2 inches across. Including the 19-inch long American hickory handle, the Frontier Hawk weighs only 20.4 ounces. Drop-forged in Taiwan from 1055 high carbon steel, the Hawk has a protective coating of black paint to prevent rust. A rubdown now and then with light oil once the paint wears away will keep the axehead in perfect condition.

Cold Steel promotes this tomahawk as appropriate for frontier reenactors, since this style was in common use on the changing American frontier from the time of the French and Indian Wars until the late 1800s.

See the Emerson Tactical Survival Tomahawk for a modern style designed both for the survivalist and the military professional.

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