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Cold Steel Naval Sword Dirk, High Carbon Steel

Military Navy Replica 88ND

Posted by JT Hats

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Cold Steel Naval Sword Dirk, HighCold Steel's Naval Dirk duplicates the character of one of the most common naval sidearms of the sailing era without exactly copying any particular authentic blade. During their heyday, no exact form of the dirk became standard. This modern Naval Dirk follows that trend of individuality but is unmistakeably Cold Steel.

The 21-7/8-inch Naval Dirk looks as though it somehow slipped out of the 18th century, but the materials and workmanship are totally modern. Pommel, hand guard, and handle spacers add some class to the knife with the glow of solid brass. Brass throat and chape of the leather-covered wooden scabbard contribute to the antique look of the dirk, but outer fittings of the functional scabbard are blued steel.

With some steel fittings and a 16-1/2-inch blade of 1055 high carbon steel, Cold Steel's Naval Dirk will require some extra care in comparison to a modern stainless steel knife. An occasional application of light oil should keep the knife blemish-free. As the metal ages, the appearance should be even closer to the knives which inspired this functional replica.

A fullered blood groove runs nearly the full length of the Naval Dirk's double-edged blade. The dirk's strong rat tail tang holds a polished faceted hand grip of dark horn and brass. This is a beautiful knife in a style originally used as a parrying dagger or a backup to the naval cutlass. There's no mistaking the Cold Steel Naval Dirk for anything other than a fighting knife.

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