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Boker Infinity Ceramic Knife, Folding Pocket Clip

Drop Point Locking Collectible B-89

Posted by JT Hats

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Boker Infinity Ceramic Knife, FoldingIn spite of all the good features in this precisely built folding clip knife from Boker of Germany, the Boker Infinity is still a collector's piece. Buy it for the ceramic blade and the bragging rights to one of the sharpest but most limited pocket knives available today.

The Boker Infinity packs a 3.38-inch ceramic drop point blade into a lightweight Zytel handle with Kraton inserts for an improved grip. Open it one-handed with the thumb stud at the base of the dark, non-reflective blade. The three-ounce knife unfolds to eight inches in overall length with a simple but secure liner lock to fix the blade in open position. Everything about the Infinity holds up to the high standards expected of this well-known company.

The only real problems with the Infinity are practical issues. Ceramic blades hold an edge much longer than ordinary steel blades and take a finer cutting edge than most grades of cutlery steel. The drawback is that ceramic blades break. Boker even refers to them as brittle in the product warranty. More common in the kitchen today than in the pocket, these knives are great at slicing but don't hold up to most of the ordinary tasks owners expect of utility blades. Side pressure could snap the blade, piercing could break the point, carving wood could shatter the cutting edge, and nicking bone could knock out chips. Problems are likely enough that Boker does not guarantee the blade against breakage or other damage even in normal use.

Sharpening is not something owners can do themselves. Boker recommends sending the knife to Ross Cutlery in Los Angeles for reworking, and the cost isn't cheap. Since you can't actually use the knife for much, the edge shouldn't need sharpening for a very long time.

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