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Kershaw Folding Pocket Knife w/ Wood Handle

Lockback Double Cross Wharncliffe Blade

Posted by JT Hats

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Kershaw Folding Pocket Knife w/ WoodClassic pocket knives were nearly left behind when one-handed opening clip folders came along, even though modern clip folders lacked the grace of the old styles. Kershaw's Double Cross combines the best features of the modern pocket folders in a familiar, classic style. This traditional pocket knife with a blade opening from either bolster offers one-handed opening and lockback for both blades.

Only 3-1/2 inches long when closed, this beautiful wood-handled pocket knife sports end bolsters of polished nickel that ride smoothly in the pocket without wearing holes in your jeans. Both the main blade, a 2-3/8-inch long clip point, and the secondary Wharncliffe blade at 1-7/8 inches open with thumb studs and allow convenient one-handed action. While the AUS6A stainless steel blades are similar in purpose, these two variations in blade style offer different approaches to common chores. Wharncliffe blades cut off cleanly due to the straight edge and are good for piercing because of the slender point. The stronger point of the clip blade and the clip's curved cutting edge allow more accuracy in carving and shearing.

Liner locks have been standard features on classic pocket knives for some years now, but Kershaw is the first large scale manufacturer to use one liner lock to secure both blades of a pocket knife. Making that liner lock work for both blades saves weight and reduces the width of the handle. The Double Cross uses brass and stainless steel liners, as do most of the classic patterns, and is not noticeably bulkier. The weight of this versatile knife is only 2.2 ounces.

Expect other companies to mimic what Kershaw has already done with the double-locking Double Cross.

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