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Cold Steel Shamshir Ottoman Sword

Functional Battle Ready Combat Spring Steel

Posted by JT Hats

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Cold Steel Shamshir Ottoman Sword Built for actual cutting practice, the Cold Steel Shamshir matches the old Ottoman shamsir pattern so well that it's a fine addition to any weapons collection. A few modifications fit the Cold Steel Shamshir to modern uses, but the essence of the sword is unchanged.

The 3/16-inch thick blade of high carbon spring steel isn't as heavy as swords from the battlefields of the Ottoman Empire, but this lighter 30-ounce blade will vanquish today's cutting targets more efficiently. The 30-1/2-inch blade of 1055 carbon steel flashes through the standard tests with ease. Slightly over 36 inches overall, the Cold Steel Shamshir flexes to 45 degrees laterally and returns to its straight form without distorting. Against targets that don't give, it may not come out unscathed. As with many other versions of today's target cutting swords, this lighter modern form cuts well but shouldn't be tested with full force strikes against four-by-four posts or trees.

Evolving from older straight swords, the shamshir developed for quick slashing strikes from horseback and was used most effectively against opponents wearing only light armor (or none). The original concept hasn't changed much here. Modern composite substitutes for real buffalo horn in the handle grip, but the sword does otherwise use the old handle construction. Instead of a pommel, the end of the tang is forged at a right angle, forming a hook that helps keep the sword in hand. Slab grips riveted to the tang give the handle a comfortable and efficient shape.

Cold Steel's scabbard is also a nice piece of work with polished metal fittings and a sheath of hardened leather. Like the shamshir, the scabbard is built to last.

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