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Hanwei Side Sword for Practical Sparring

German Authentic Replica Rapier w/ Forged Blade

Posted by JT Hats

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Hanwei Side Sword for PracticalCAS Hanwei based their modern Side Sword on an old German pattern and didn't change it much. Using some modern substitutes for old materials, and much improved modern steel, this is the same popular sword that was a favorite of both civilians and military in old Europe.

Side swords combine the cutting action of a longsword with the piercing design of the rapier. The hybrid form sometimes failed to present the best features of either type well. This German design combines a light and fast cutting blade, a slender piercing tip, and a complex handguard. The combination offers more fighting potential than the average swordsman of today could master.

The 37-3/4-inch sword includes a perfectly forged double-edged blade that's only slightly heavier and slower than a rapier's foil. The entire sword weighs two pounds and eight ounces, with much of that weight focused in the unusual handguard and grip. In keeping with the rapier concept, there's an option here for placing a fingertip past the main guard. With fingertip control at the unsharpened ricasso, the blade's accuracy improves. Protecting that exposed finger required a second smaller cross-guard and a specialized second basket guard for the leading finger. A wirebound grip and heavy steel pommel add balancing weight and bludgeoning potential to the rear of the sword.

This fully functional side sword with authentically designed scabbard has all the features of the weapons that actually inspired the term "swashbuckler." Remember, it's made for mayhem -- the side sword from CAS Hanwei is the real thing.

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