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Cold Steel Skean Dhu

Scottish Dagger | 11SDS Brave Heart Knife

Posted by Ken

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Cold Steel Skean Dhu Once again Cold Steel has put their modern interpretation into a traditional knife style, and it works well. This time they've revolutionized the Scottish Skean Dhu blade. That means "black knife" in Gaelic, so I'm not sure how they got the name "Brave Heart".

The ancient Scottish made the Skean Dhu knife lightweight, paper-thin, and small so that it could be easily concealed. The blade's spear point made it an apt choice for hunting, piercing, and fighting.

All this can be said of the Brave Heart. The double-edged blade has been sharpened by hand, and it even features traditional jimping near the handle. Otherwise known as lashing grommets, the jimping provides a small thumb/forefinger platform for better non-slip grip.

Gone are the days of mystery metals and wooden handles. The Brave Heart's blade is made from solid AUS 8A stainless steel, and the handle boasts a comfortable (yet durable) Kraton grip.

And we're guessing the smithy shops of Scotland's past didn't have warranties, either. If you had complained about a sword, chances are you didn't come out in the same condition as you went in! Not so with Cold Steel. They have included a five-year warranty with the Brave Heart.

So if you're looking for a contemporary version of a Scottish highland knife, the Cold Steel Brave Heart would be an excellent choice.

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