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Throwing Tomahawk

Cold Steel Axe | Rifleman’s Hawk Knife

Posted by Ken

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Throwing Tomahawk Here we have another Cold Steel product that's a fair value for what it offers. Do a search on functional tomahawks and you'll see a lot of quality products for the same price as the Rifleman's Hawk. So we're not about to throw it into the "expensive" bin anytime soon.

This tomahawk axe sports the "peace pipe" design that was frequently seen in Native American axes during the nineteenth century.

The Rifleman's Hawk makes a great throwing tool, because it has that "weighty" feel to it without being too heavy. Plus, it comes with a hexagonal hammer poll on the end of the blade, in case you need to drive a few nails into your next target wall too.

It measures 19 inches long and 8.125 inches wide, with a 3.5-inch edge.

The blade comes from drop-forged 5150 steel, and the handle is made from American hickory wood. It's been sanded well enough to eliminate the threat of splintering and damaging. And with Cold Steel's 5-year fixed-blade warranty, there shouldn't be anything else to worry about as it ages.

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