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Conan Atlantean Barbarian Fantasy Sword

Arnold Schwarzenegger Movie Replica Bargain

Posted by JT Hats

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Conan Atlantean Barbarian Fantasy Sword Patterned after a sword used by Arnold Schwarzenegger in his first starring role as Conan the Barbarian, the Conan Barbarian Sword has been reproduced in many levels of quality over the years. This is one of the least expensive which still shows accurate detail.

You won't find combat quality steel in this movie replica, but the appearance of this heavy sword does compare well to versions of the Atlantean Sword costing hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Details in the cast metal bladeguard, for example, vary only slightly from those in Atlantean Sword replicas at the top of the price range. The movie weapon did have darker highlights than this version's bronze-colored castings, but the differences are not striking.

Instead of tempered high carbon steel, the blade of this Conan Atlantean Sword is less durable 440 high carbon stainless steel. The fullered blood groove does have a stamped look to it, a sign of machine workmanship rather than the artisan's touch. For a display piece, this sword is still satisfactory. Forty-one inches overall, with a 7-inch cord-wrapped handle, the blade features an ornate ricasso section at the base. Not just decoration, the ricasso provided a hand grip forward of the bladeguard for fast work in close quarters. Many true battlefield heavy weapons of ancient days did include this option, but not in this fanciful pattern.

The ten-pound sword comes with a simple wall plaque. A true fan of Conan and a devoted follower of Crom would surely appreciate this bargain reproduction.

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